If there is a Life Threatening emergency — Always call 911.

If it is not a life threatening emergency, using a contracted Urgent Care Facility rather than an Emergency Room will reduce your out of pocket costs, save you time, and get you the urgent care you need. Click here for more information about Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Care.

Urgent care co-pay: May range from $3 to $100
Emergency room co-pay may be as high as $250

The BAKERSFIELD FAMILY MEDICAL CENTER URGENT CARE is capable of handling a vast majority of medical conditions. After initial examination, we may determine that some patients will require further evaluation in the emergency department or directly admit to the hospital. Our Urgent Care works in a unique and highly innovative manner with the hospital to insure that our patients incur an absolute minimum level of inconvenience. BFMC Urgent Care is able to provide this service by providing rapid transfer of care for our patients by utilizing our Hospitalist team and capitalizing on our “direct admit” program in place with our preferred hospitals.

If you are suffering from a life threatening medical condition, which requires immediate attention, please seek care from the hospital nearest you.

When To Contact Your Primary Care Physician

  • Whenever possible, please contact our 24 Nurse Triage Line at 661-327-4411 before visiting the closest ER. Our trained clinical staff can advise you if you should go to the ER, visit the Urgent Care or can provide you with an appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP).
  • Please contact your PCP for multiple symptoms or concerns regarding chronic illnesses.
  • Please consult your PCP for primary care services, including routine office visits, health evaluations, immunizations, medication refills, and other routine procedures.


  • During your visit, you will be asked to pay your co-payment, if applicable, as required by your insurance carrier.

Urgent Care Hours

Urgent Care Family Practice Physicians and highly qualified professional staff
are available to care for your medical needs 365 days a year.

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Physician on call 24 hours

Attention: Always utilize our 24 Hour Nurse Triage Line to evaluate your urgent medical situation before going to the Emergency Room, as your co-payment for an Emergency Room visit will be considerably higher, as well as your wait time considerably longer, than at the Urgent Care. However, if you are suffering from a life threatening medical condition, which requires immediate attention, please seek care from the Emergency Room nearest you or call 911.

Urgent Care Location and Contact Information

For location and contact information please visit our locations page.